Sindhi at the University of Toronto

For centuries, Sindhi was used as a primary language of expression for mystically inclined religious communities, including Sufis, Ismaili Shias, and Bhakti and Sant poets. Among the most prominent literary figures were the likes of Pir Sadr al-Din, Qazi Qadan, Shah Abdul Latif and Sachal Sarmast. Their verses speak of topics such as the ephemeral nature of the world, the search for the divine, and the importance of a guide on the spiritual path. Originally written in a variety of scripts and having a number of dialects and relatives, including Kachchi, Siraiki, Lari, Lasi, Thareli, Vicholo, Macharia, and Dukslinu, the religious literature of Sindhi is understudied.
Research on Sindhi religious literature is conducted by faculty member Shafique Virani.
For those with semi-native or native fluency, Sindhi literature and manuscript traditions can be studied with Shafique Virani.