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Bryan Levman (May, 2014)

PhD Thesis: The Earliest Recoverable Language of Buddhism, Linguistic Ambiguities, and the Transmission of the Teachings
Supervisor: Christoph Emmrich


Bryan received his B.A. in English Language and Literature from U of T in 1969, afterwards pursuing a career in Communications & Marketing. He went back to school in 1991, receiving an MSc. (Geology) in 2001 from U of T. Since then he has been studying Buddhism, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Pali and Classical Chinese, pursuing his interest in isolating the Buddha?s earliest teachings and studying the transmission process, through Comparative Philology and other means. He is also researching the relationship of the Buddha and his teachings to the indigenous, non-Aryan peoples of India (Munda, Dravidian and Tibetan speaking ethnic groups).



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