Graduate Students



Candis Haak

Candis Haak (candis.haak @ joined the Anthropology Department and the Centre for South Asian Studies as a doctoral student in 2010, after receiving a Master of Archaeology, Landscape Stream, from the University College of Dublin, and an Honours B.A. in Prehistoric Archaeology plus Classical Civilizations from the University of Toronto.
As a PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology, Candis is focused on South Asian archaeology under the supervision of Professor Heather Miller and she is currently engaged in several interdisciplinary projects employing digital data management, as well as spatializing disparate types of data into GIS platforms for interpretive analysis. Her dissertation ties together the data of two major international research projects at a major historic site in South India, Vijayanagara. Data from these projects encompasses archaeological, historic, art historic, textual, and religious studies materials. From these projects she aims to generate a multidisciplinary analysis that accesses the unwritten, performative, and experiential aspects of the medieval South Indian ritual and pilgrimage landscapes.
Candis is a graduate fellow of the Sawyer Seminar on Religious Materiality of the Indian Ocean, 1300-1800. In addition, she has taught “Religion in Medieval India”, RLG308, at the Department of Historical Studies and she is the Spatial Analysis Lab Manager for the Anthropology Department, University of Toronto Mississauga.