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Pooriya Alimoradi


Pooriya Alimoradi (pooriya.alimoradipilehrood @ is pursuing his studies under the supervision of Prof. Enrico Raffaelli at the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilization, University of Toronto. His major is Zoroastrianism and he aims to investigate, critically edit, and translate the New Persian version of the Zand ī Wahman Yasn (ZWY), the most important Zoroastrian Middle Persian text of the apocalyptic genre for his dissertation.


The ZWY is very popular among the Parsis who have turned Gujarat into the stronghold of Zoroastrianism. The role of India is in fact very prominent in the text that one of the eschatological figures who liberates Zoroastrians from adversaries is said to emerge from India. The New Persian version of the ZWY is to be found in a collection of texts, generally knows as the Rivāyats, ascribed to the family of Kāmdin Kaikobād of Sanjan (Gujarat, India).


The oldest manuscripts of the Rivāyats are those written by Dārāb, son of Hormozdyār, son of Farāmarz from the same family of Parsi priests. These manuscripts are to be found mainly in India, especially at the First Dastoor Meherjirana Library in Navsari, Gujarat, and at the K.R. Cama Oriental Institute in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The ZWY also exists in a Pāzand version (a form of writing developed from Middle Persian in which the Avestan alphabet is used for more clarity), which was developed specifically for the use of Parsis in India who asked for religious texts from Iran from 15th century onward.