Graduate Students

Anthony Scott


Born in the Badlands of Alberta, Anthony Scott (anthony.scott @ insists there are few phenomena more fascinating on Earth than the diversity of religious systems. With a literature degree and philosophy degree both at the University of Calgary, Tony completed his MA at the Centre for Buddhist Studies at the University of Hong Kong in 2012. For his PhD work at the University of Toronto under Professor Christoph Emmrich, Tony focuses on the intervention of Pali commentaries in the political crises of post-colonial Burma/Myanmar. Specifically, Tony is exploring the work of Burmese monk U Nārada, who composed a Pali commentary in 1948 on the Questions of King Milinda (Milindapañha), the 1st century BCE dialogue between a Buddhist monk and Greek monarch considered canonical only in Burma/Myanmar. By using critical, textual philology informed by postcolonial perspectives, Tony seeks to discover how commentaries adapt to shifting sociopolitical conditions in Burma/Myanmar, and how sociopolitical conditions react to revolutions in the commentarial genre.
Areas of Interest: Buddhism, Pali and Sanskrit Literature and Literary Burmese, especially Burmese Nissayas. Commentaries in South and Southeast Asia, as well as the intersection between modernity, religion, postcolonialism and politics.


Tony is affiliated with the SSHRC-funded project “Once the Buddha Was a Girl. Girl Children and Young Women as Religious Agents between Burma/Myanmar and Nepal”.