List of select courses

offered over the last five years at the three UofT campuses, St. George (UTSG), Mississauga (UTM) and Scarborough (UTSC)

RLG206H Introduction to Buddhism (UTM)
RLG206Y Introduction to Buddhist Religious Traditions (UTSG)
RLG312H Method and Theory in the History of Religions: Buddhist Studies (UTM)
RLG371H Buddhist Thought: The Milindapañha (UTSG)
RLG374H Buddhist Literatures: Newar Buddhist Literature (UTM)
RLG376H Death and Rebirth in Buddhist Traditions (UTSG)
RLG377H Theravada Literature (UTSG)
RLG378H Buddhist Practices and Institutions: Buddhism and Power (UTM)
RLG378H1 Buddhism in Nepal (UTSG)
RLG465H/RLG3740H Buddhist Texts: The Vessantarajataka (UTSG)
RLG467H/RLG3415H Theravada Practice (UTSG)
RLG470H5 Advanced Topics in Buddhism: Buddhist Children (UTM)
RLG370H Topics in Buddhism: Buddhist Tantra (UTM)
RLG3710H / RLG462H Newar Religion (UTSG)
RLG463H/NEW433H Causation and Time in Buddhist Scholastic Debate (UTSG)
RLG464H History and Historiography of Buddhism (UTSG)
RLG465/2043H Buddhism As Translation (UTSG)
RLG465H The Mahaparinirvanasutra (UTSG)
RLG470H Hindu and Buddhist Royalty (UTM)
RLG470 Advanced Topics in Buddhism: The Buddhist Doctrine of
Selflessness (UTM)




SMC456H Indian Christianity / RLG3280H Christianities of South Asia




HIS484H Religion and Popular Culture in Modern South Asia (UTM)
RLG205H Introduction to South Asian Religions (UTM, twice a year)
RLG205Y The Hindu Religious Tradition (UTSG)
RLG246H Karma and Dharma in Indic Traditions (UTSG)
RLG307H Indian Scholasticism (UTM)
RLG308H Religion in Medieval Indian History (UTM)
RLG310 The Ramayana (UTM)
RLG363H Hindu Ritual (UTSG)
RLG363H1: Bhakti Hinduism (UTSG)
RLG365H Modern Hinduism: Hindu Devotionalism (UTSG)
RLG365H Modern Hinduism: Hinduism and Colonialism (UTSG)
RLG365H Modern Hinduism (UTSG)
RLG339H Ideologies of Tamil Religion (UTM)
RLG360H Topics in South Asian Religions: An Introduction to Yoga (UTM)
RLG368H Yoga and Ayurveda from pre-Modernity to post-Modernity (UTSG)
RLG365H Introduction to Modern Hinduism (UTSG)
RLG366H Hindu Philosophy (UTSG)
RLG366H1: Hindu Philosophy: Godless India (UTSG)
RLG369H Mahabharata (UTSG)
RLG3764 Readings in Sanskrit Philosophy (UTSG)
RLG380 Topics in Comparative Religion: Encounters between Indo-Islamic and Hindu Cultures (UTM)
RLG460H Ramayana in Literature, Theology and Political Imagination (UTSG)
RLG460H Advanced Topics in South Asian Religions: Hinduism and the Political Life of Religion in South Asia (UTM)
RLG460 Religion and Aesthetics in South Asia (UTM)
RLG470H Hindu and Buddhist Royalty (UTM)
RLG471H Hinduism Topics: Dharma, Artha and Kama (UTSG)
RLG471H Hinduism Topics: Mahabharata (UTSG)
RLG472H1 Religion and Aesthetics in South Asia (UTSG)
RLG73H1 Vedanta Through the Ages (UTSG)
RLG475H1S Fasting and Feeding in Hindu Traditions (UTSG)
RLG3611H1: Gender in Asian Traditions – The Goddess in South Asia (UTSG)




RLG304H Islamic Spiritual Traditions (UTM)
RLG3720H Sex and Gender in South Asian Religions (UTSG)
RLG449H Islamic Sexualities (UTM; RLG3590H UTSG)



RLG208 Introduction to Zoroastrianism (UTM)
RLG347 Zoroastrian Religious Writings (UTM)
RLG348H Zoroastrian Customs and Ceremonies (UTM)




RLG260Y Introduction to Sanskrit (UTSG)
ROP290/490, RLG1501Y Reading 
Pali with Burmese Manuscripts: Beginners (UTSG)
ROP290Y/490Y, RLG1502Y Reading Pali: Intermediate (UTSG)
ROP290Y/490Y, RLG1502Y Reading Pali: Advanced (UTSG)
RLG360H Intermediate Sanskrit (UTSG)
RLG261Y1 Introduction to Tibetan (UTSG)
RLG370Y1 Intermediate Tibetan (UTSG)
RLG474H1S Sanskrit Readings (UTSG)
RLG389H1S Special Topics: Sanskrit Readings (UTSG)
RLG497/1504 Literary Newar (UTSG)
RLG498/1505 Colloquial Newar (UTSG)